Farewell To Sanity And Other Irrational Constructs (Or I’m Not Crazy, But My Shrink Thinks I Am), is a dark dramatic comedy centered on Dr. Paul Henley’s psychiatric practice. Among his more noteworthy patients are Levi Jakobson, a compulsive and generally unhinged man who recently became a Tibetan Buddhist; Leslie Jade, a mute high school girl who only communicates via an iPad; Alan Taymor, a member of the real-life superhero movement; and Laurence Williams, a foul-mouthed clown who was referred to Henley by the court system. Throughout the course of the play, the burnt-out Dr. Henley manages to offend most of his patients, his overly supportive secretary, and his on-leave-from-the-Navy girlfriend. But it's not until Henley is confronted with the ghost of Tom Haskins, a whaling ship captain from the 1800s who claims Henley is his reincarnated spirit, that he starts to question his sanity. Tasked by Haskins to set the cosmic scales right for the mistakes he made in August of 1863, Henley embarks on an insane adventure that could cost him his license to practice, his sanity, and his life.

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Full Length
Dark Dramatic Comedy
Run Time:
135 Minutes
12 (7 male, 4 female, 1 either)

Cast of Characters

Tom Haskins
The captain of a whaling ship in his late forties.
Daniel Lawton
A young Boatswain on a whaling ship.
Dr. Paul Henley
A burnt-out psychiatrist in his thirties.
Levi Jakobson
A compulsive man in his late twenties. Dr. Henley’s patient.
Marie Hughes
An energetic women in her 20s.
Alan Taymor
A man trying to put himself back together.
Terrance “T-Bone” Partington
Marie’s want-to-be-thug boyfriend.
Lieutenant Marlene Beckford
A Navy officer in incredible physical shape.
Sophie Valentina
Dr. Henley’s secretary.
Leslie Jade
A junior in high school. Dr. Henley’s patient.
Laurence “Clown” Williams
A clown at children’s parties. Thirties.
Dr. Wolf
A psychiatrist.

Plus various off stage voices.
Doubling: It is possible for the roles of Daniel Lawton and Levi Jakobson to be played by
the same actor. The roles of Dr. Wolf and Tom Haskins may be played by the same actor
as well. The role of Dr. Wolf can be played as either a male or female actor.

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