Tom Edmond Evans and Matthew Dean Wood

Tom Slot started writing Farewell To Sanity And Other Irrational Constructs (Or I’m Not Crazy, But My Shrink Thinks I Am) in 2012 after being inspired by a performance of the song Farewell To Tarwathie. Original Binding Productions workshopped the play in April of 2012. The first public reading was heald on Saturday April 21, 2012 at Pearl Studios in New York. The cast featured Kristi Baron, Marlene Berner, Bill Bria, Paul Caron, Tom Evans, Stephanie Haring, Maryellen Molfetta, Claire Nasuti, David Stallings, Jordan Swisher, and Matthew Dean Wood. The reading was directed by Tom Slot.

Farewell To Sanity And Other Irrational Constructs (Or I’m Not Crazy, But My Shrink Thinks I Am) had its world premiere on June 1, 2013 at the Gene Frankel Theater in New York City, in a production by Original Binding Productions as part of the 2013 Planet Connects Festivity. Director: Tom Slot. Assistant Director: Victoria Grazioli. Fight Captain: Tom Edmond Evans. Scenic Designer: Tom Edmond Evans and Jessica Slotwinski. Lighting Designer: Liz Grazioli. Costume Designer: Victoria Grazioli. Social Media Director: Meredith Rich. Stage Manager: London Griffith. The cast was as follows:

Tom Haskins Tom Edmond Evans
Daniel Lawton Matthew Dean Wood
Dr. Paul Henley David Stallings
Levi Jakobson Larry Phillips
Marie Hughes Claire Nasuti
Alan Taymor Matt Golden
Terrance Partington R. Alex Murray
Marlene Beckford Hannah Dubner
Sophie Valentina Sharon Pinney
Leslie Jade Maryellen Molfetta
Laurence Williams Rick Apicella
Dr. Wolf Victoria Grazioli
Voice of Mary Lawton Lindsey Blackhurst
Voice of Logan’s Dad Barry Frank
Voice of Logan R. Alex Murray
Voice of Logan’s Friend Claire Nasuti
Voice of Logan’s/Leslie’s Mom Jessica Slotwinski
Voice of Leslie’s Dad Tom Slot

The 2013 production was nominated for nine awards in the Planet Connections Festival and won four:

Outstanding Ensemble in a Play
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play: David Stallings (Winner)
Outstanding Supporting Actor: Rick Apicella
Outstanding Actress In a Featured or Cameo Role: Hannah Dubner
Outstanding Actor In a Featured or Cameo Role: Alex Murray
Outstanding Costume Design: Victoria Graazioli (Winner)
Outstanding Use of Projections: Jessica Slotwinski
Planet Actvist Award: Tom Slot (Winner)
Congeniality Award: London Griffith (Winner)

Reading Group Photo

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